Job Fit, Job Ready

Job Fit, Job Ready


Customized Employment-CE

Your Six Steps to Success!

1. Discover-Our primary goal is to get to know you through interviews with you and the important people in your life.

2. Identify-We will create a custom profile for you from the information you shared with us during the discovery. We begin to prepare your Jobology Team to meet with employers on your behalf.

3. Plan-We bring all the information gathered and create your customized job search plan.

4. Search- Together we build the tools you will need for a successful job search. Resumes, Job Applications, Social Media and Interview skills.

5. Develop-Your Jobology Team begins to connect with employers and arrange job interviews for you.

6. Support-Congratulations! you have accepted a job offer-if needed we can provide on-going support services for up to 12 months.


Improve Your Job Readiness

Our Customized Employment Services put you in charge of your job search.



If you have questions please contact our office.