Job Fit, Job Ready

You are Determined, Skilled, Capable, and Talented

Job Fit, Job Ready

You are Determined, Skilled, Capable, and Talented


Customized Employment-CE

We tailor the job description just for you.

Phase 1-Discovery. Our main goal is to get to know you. Then, we explore your community and current activities and interview you with family members or your support team, including friends, neighbors, teachers, therapists, or other service providers.

Phase 2-Your vocational profile. You create your Vocational Profile from the information we collected during Discovery, preparing us for the Vocational Profile meeting with employers and future job development.

Phase 3-Customized Planning What works and doesn’t work. We discuss conditions, Interests and contributions, possible job tasks, and potential employers.

Phase 4- Portfolio/Visual Resume- Every job seeker will have a resume of some kind. Pictures taken during the discovery phase will be used in the Visual Resume. We highlight your talents, abilities, and the contributions you bring to a job.

Phase 5-Job Development and negotiation- Your Employment Specialist will create an initial list of employers, meet with them and create a job description tailored to your skills and abilities.

Phase 6- The employer and your Employment Specialist meet to create a customized job opportunity explicitly tailored for you. You will interview, and if offered employment, your Job Coach assists with learning your new tasks, getting to know your new job environment and your new co-workers. Then ongoing support is provided on an ‘as-needed basis. Then we check in with you once a month to see how you are doing

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Improve Your Job Readiness

Our Customized Employment Services put you in charge of your job search.


Our Mission

Our customer service promise to you is simple.
With Integrity we will provide you job search services with compassion, kindness, and creativity.


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