Working With Our Team

Company Sponsorship

  • We provide a journey in self-exploration for job-seekers with disabilities who are ready to take control of their Job Search and become Job Fit & Job Ready.
  • Companies can sponsor a group of 4 job-seekers as a Team, or you can send 1 or 2 current employees that you think will benefit from our program of services.
  • Your HR Department can provide us with job-seekers that you would hire, but they need some assistance to prepare for the position.
  • Or your company has an Apprenticeship program, and you would like to incorporate people with disabilities.
  • Your HR Department can provide us with a Customized Job Description, and we can recruit a team of up to 4 people for you.
  • Your company can also sponsor individuals.

Let’s talk, schedule a strategy session for complete details, including cost.