Working With our Team

How does Customized Employment Help you fill jobs?

  • The Customized Employment process uses a person-centered approach matching the job seeker's needs to the employer's needs.
  • Before meeting with a potential business partner, we have met with several job seekers who are ready and willing to get to work. We spend 30 hours or more getting to know our job seekers to learn their strengths and abilities in detail. During this time, the applicants have identified skills that could fit your place of business.
  • We schedule a meeting to learn about your business and determine if we have a candidate who can meet your needs. This meeting can be in person or virtual and at your convenience.
  • Once a match is determined and the job seeker is hired. We continue to support them with job skills training and adaptations that are necessary for continued success.
  • We keep in touch with you and your new employee through scheduled site visits, emails, and phone calls.
  • We are available to our business partners by phone, text, or email for support or assistance.

Diversify Your Company’s Workforce

According to the dictionary, the ‘DIS’ in Disability- means Not or None.

Disability Means-Not Abled or No Ability-

All people have the ability; some people have barriers- barriers that can get in the way of living a full life. Obstacles can keep people from experiencing a work-life, a social life, and independence.

Working closely with our job seekers, we define those barriers- acknowledge them and work through them.

Our job seekers will be successful in their work search journey. But it takes a partnership between Jobology 101 and our employers.


Be Part of the Solution

When your company partners with us, you become an important part of our job seekers' journey to economic and social independence.

Tell us about your company, its culture, and its structure. We will then feature your posting to our job seekers and help applicants that have your preferred qualities prepare to apply to your company.

Work with our job seekers in a mock style virtual interview then give feedback. This will help them prepare for future interviews and help your company find potential applicants.

If you have an applicant with a disability and you wish to ready them for your company, you can enroll them in our job readiness program.

You can help our job seekers in succeeding by providing us crucial information and helpful recommendations.